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At Telebreeze, we offer a wide range of products to meet your needs and to help you offer the very best IPTV/OTT service to your customers. And, while all of our products are necessary and efficient, none could possibly be more critical than our IPTV middleware services, which is at the core of what every IPTV/OTT provider needs.
Control all of your content with easy to use IPTV middleware software to add, customize, and serve media to customers.
Add, manage, and customize customer profiles to make network administration a snap.
Establish income streams using channel packages, VoD packages, ad insertion capabilities, prepaid cards.
Measure Performance
Analyze your business.
Monitor visitors, content popularity, watching hours, ratings and location.

IPTV Middleware Description

Telebreeze IPTV/OTT Middleware is the core of the system and operator's member area controlling operation of all modules on all levels.

It is a multi-operated web-application, and it can control all aspects and modules of your technology solutions. In short, it is the way that you, as a business owner, will manage your programming and offerings for your customers.

A list of features includes:
  • Content management
  • Subscriber management
  • Streaming servers monitoring
  • Management of billing and monetizations tools
  • Statistics & reports
  • API for 3rd party integrations

Generate new revenue streams by implementing different strategies

Easily create payment plans for your subscribers
Add TV channels, movies, and audio files into content packages. Then add packages to payment plans for which you may set trial period, pricing, time and geo limits. You may create unlimited number of content and payment offers.
Launch online shop right in your player application
The shop is not limited to content subscriptions - you may offer any types of goods and services, such as TV boxes, smartphones, sneakers, hotel transfers or room service.
Insert video, banner or text ads for extra profit
Easily manage advertizing campaigns, defining target audiences, geo zones, and types of advertisements. Or use online advertising systems, pre-integrated with Telebreeze Middleware: InMobi, Vidillion, AdColony, Oxygen 8 and others.

Handle your media content easily

Create content packages with TV channels, VoD, and audio content
Form content packages to offer them for you subscribers. You may add single type or mixed content into one package: TV channels, VoD movies, and audio files. You may create unlimited number of content packages.
Automate ingestion of metadata from in-house databases or 3rd party systems
Convenient metadata management. Integration with the oMDB database allows to automatically add descriptions of movies, including posters, actors, genres, etc. Automatic uploading of metadata from a local database for VoD and automatic updating of EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for TV channels.
Make it easy for your subscribers to discover content
Categorize content by types, genres, platforms, etc. Create forlders and subfolders for seasons and episodes.

Measure your business performance

Track new users, views, content popularity
Study how your users engage, what content is the most popular, and which subscription they buy the most.
Measure performance or study which distribution channels see the most engagement, which videos reach the most target clients, and which videos have the most impact on the sales life cycle
Know your customers
Learn from which regions your users come from and what countries provide you most ROI.
Get information about devices your audience use for viewing your content. This will provide you important information for further optimization of platforms.
Know your client and make more targeted marketing campaigns to attract more viewers.
Control server statuses
Supervise uptimes and other data of transcoding, caching, and VoD servers in your IPTV/OTT network. Get immediate notifications in case a server s down. Track network speed, CPU, GPU, and memory load.
Set server zones and load balancing options.

Full List of Features of IPTV Middleware

Content management
The content management module provides the integrated management of all the content in operator's network, including live channels, video, and audio on demand.
Telebreeze content management module supports:
  • Creation and management of content packages
  • Managing content categories
  • Content metadata management
  • Automatic metadata updates from source file
  • Video on Demand section is integrated with oMDB movie metadata database, which allows easy and quick filling of VoD metadata, such as movie posters, descriptions, actors, years, genres, etc.
  • Seasons/episodes for VoD content
  • Archive/nPVR settings
    Customer management
    The module is a control panel for managing subscribers and system administrators, and controlling their actions.
    • Subscribers are people or organizations who have bought a content package from a TV operator.
    • The «Subscribers» tab in Middleware displays such information as name, status, registration date, time of last visit, a user name, IP address, e-mail, devices, and users'actions
    • Administrator is a member of an operator's team who manages the operation of IPTV network
    • The «Administrators» tab in Middleware displays displays such information as name, status, registration date, time of last visit, a user name, phone, e-mail, and administrator's actions
    • A system of administrator's permissions is used to select actions which the administrator is allowed or forbidden to perform over servers, content, users, billing, advertising, Middleware settings, etc
    Server management
    The server management module is a control panel for administrating and status monitoring of media delivery servers, transcoders, and VoD servers of your IPTV/OTT network. Status shows current server parameters such as CPU, memory load, uptime, downtime, server zones, network speed, etc. Sends notifications in case of failures. Users can set encoding profiles for transcoding servers.
    The module is responsible for load balancing between several servers.
    Billing is a very important component of any commercial IPTV provider operation. Billing functions includes accounting of subscribers' purchases, content consumption, creation and management of payment plans. Billing payment plans include configuration of included content, prices, plan duration, etc.
    One click integration of 3rd party payment systems (PayPal, Robokassa, Skrill etc.) is possible. At the moment we have 19 platforms already integrated. Any new platform can be added.
    The billing module contains tools for managing payment plans and payment actions:
    • Creation and management of payment plans, linking payment plans to content packages and subscriber groups
    • Gateway for payment system integration
    • Postpaid and prepaid charging of any content purchase
    • Free/trial subscriptions • SVOD, TVOD, AVOD models
    • Pay per view: a TV broadcast subscription with a predefined viewing period
    Management of monetization tools
    • Promo notifications
    • Ad insertion tools
    • Creation of vouchers/coupons
    • In-app shop management
    Reports and statistics
    The module contains tabs for viewing statistic information about users, plans, popularity of channels, video and audio on demand:
    • Customer geography
    • Devices
    • Visits
    • Content package popularity
    • Subscriptions
    • Channel, VoD, and AoD popularity
    All statistics data can be exported to reports as files
    Content protection
    • Connection of new DRM system
    • Geo-IP filtering
    • Control of content publishing for different devices, user groups, and regions
    Dealer and suboperator management
    • Creation and managing of dealers
    • Creation and managing of sub-operators
    Subscriber Dashboard
    In the subscriber dashboard a user can:
    • Replenish the balance
    • Buy packages of TV channels
    • Track history of payments and purchases
    • Read operator's news
    • Edit account data
    • Ask for a tech support
    Recommendation engine
    Telebreeze provides a recommendation engine that allows the implementation of:
    • Content based recommendations
    • User behavior recommendations
    • Forced recommendations

    IPTV Middleware in Telebreeze ecosystem

    The solution is core of all Telebreeze software modules.

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