Doing Our Best: Message from Telebreeze CEO

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic dominates the international news and impacts the entire value chain of the media industry. Many significant events (business- and content-wise) are being canceled or postponed: NAB Show, the NBA season, the Euro 2020 soccer tournament, the Eurovision Song Contest, Olympics and many more.

During this period, pay-TV providers and OTT services have an important responsibility to maintain network sustainability given the rapid growth of traffic consumption (by 41% in March, according to Openvault), and also to fulfill people's needs for entertainment as they are forced to stay home and quit their usual lifestyle.

While it's still not clear what net impact will this coronavirus outbreak have on the industry's revenues (will there be a decline because of falling incomes or, vice versa, a growth due to increased demand), many providers choose to support people who are trapped in isolation by offering them expanded and/or partially free content.

Telebreeze expresses solidarity in the fight against COVID-19 and while taking all the necessary preventive measures it doesn't stop the work and implementation of current tasks and new projects planned for this season by our partners and customers.
Staying as usual 24/7 we enhance our support department to provide the fastest deploys or rapid features implementation.

Here in Telebreeze we understand the situation as "new normal" – at least for a while – so we will do our best to help our customers and partners adapt to the changing environment or become the one who changes.

Best regards,
Nick Pesegov

CEO Telebreeze